Ruunaa is active in the winter!

The swooshing rapids in winter are nature at its most beautiful! For example, rent a snowmobile or go on a guided safari with a guide! For those who want to go quieter, there are adventure trips with dog sleds or cross-country skiing as well as snowshoeing in the rapids. An excursion meal with soot-pan coffee enjoyed on the edge of a rapids in a hut and the relaxed steams of a smoke sauna will crown your winter excursion day!

We have updated our snowmobiles with brand new 2022 Lynx Adventure and Ski-Doo Grand Touring -snowmobiles.

Services during the winter season

  • snowmobile rentals & safaris
  • huskysafaris
  • snowshoeing
  • cross country skiing along the rapids
  • winter fishing
  • accommodation
  • restaurant service
  • meetings
  • smokesauna
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